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How to - Lash Extension Application

LishLash is a revolutionary lash extension system that allows you to achieve stunning lashes in the comfort of your own home. This innovative system can last up to 7 days and is completely damage-free, making it a popular choice for lash enthusiasts.


One of the unique features of LishLash is that all the lashes are reusable, and they come in a wide range of styles and lengths to suit everyone’s preferences. With LishLash, you can have beautiful lashes without leaving your house!

To apply LishLashes, follow these four simple steps:

Step One: Prep

Start by cleaning and prepping your lashes with an oil-free cleanser to remove any dirt and oil. Wait for your lashes to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step Two: Bond

Apply a small amount of bond at the root of your lashes using a gentle dabbing motion. Avoid applying it like mascara. You can also apply the bond directly to the spine of the lash extensions.

Step Three: Lash

Gently apply the lash cluster underneath your natural lashes, keeping them 1-2mm away from the waterline. They should be lightweight, and you should not be able to feel them. If you can feel them, gently remove and reposition until they are comfortable.

Step Four: Set

To set your lashes, use an applicator tool to clamp them for a secure hold. Then, apply Lash Seal along the base of the lashes only to seal them in place.

LishLash is a game-changer for those who love lashes and want to achieve a professional-looking lash extension without leaving the comfort of their own home. Give it a try, and you’ll be amazed at the stunning results!

N Thompson

YASS QUEEN! WE ARE READY FOR THE FRONT ROW! I still cannot get over that I can reuse these whenever I want. It is SO HARD to find lashes of this quality. I’m calling up the salon to tell them the bad news and then telling all my girls to get some

Laura Goff

Whoever invented lash bond is a genius. My lashes have been on for 4 days and haven’t moved an inch


This is the best applicator I’ve ever used. It is so easy and I’m so mad I’ve been putting lashes on with just my fingers for years

Jules Carroll

This actually works guys. They promised me 7 days and here we are 7 days strong and my eyes look as fab as they did when I put them on

Rachel Maher

These are my favourite lashes by a mile! They feel super soft and they don’t irritate your eyes at all – I have really sensitive skin so trust me on that. Literally had them on 5 days and feeling invincible

T Robinson

These are literally the most flattering lashes you can get anywhere. I have never felt better and my eyes are my best feature! Looking like an absolute snack

Kalavati Patel

Super precise. Absolutely recommend if you’re fussy like me and need lashes to be photo ready every time

Deborah Stephens

So ready for that close up. I went for XTRA long and they still felt as light as my normal lashes. Normally I get really itchy eyes after a few days but these are still going strong!

Catherine Denyer

OMG I think I’ve found the love of my life. Got some long lashes for drinks with the girls and happy to say they survived a messy weekend. This is a no-brainer girls #mylishlash

Elizabeth Cunningham

Oh my life – WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! This is #mylishlash stash for life. Can’t believe I’m on day 7 and they still look lush. Cannot recommend enough, so easy to pop them on as well!

Andrea Beers

OH MY IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER! I had to get this when I saw it was gold. It’s so easy to use but it’s also soooo pretty

G Abbey

Ngl I really didn’t think these would work. I am SUPER fussy about my eye make up so I have to have lashes that suit my cute little cat eyes. Were super quick to get on and only took them off when my eyeliner couldn’t be rescued for another day